amsterdam city informations

 In our opinion, Amsterdam is a secret Mediterranean person who did not understand its geography. If you don't have such a warm-blooded, fun-loving nation, what is it doing in northern Europe? 😀 Due to having done Erasmus in the Netherlands for 1 year, we certainly have a favoritism that we are not aware of, we accept, but Amsterdam is not less now. There is entertainment, there are people from 176 countries, there are canals, there are architectural beauties, there are freedoms, there is culture and art… It is impossible not to warm up to a city where a festival is held for 50 days a year and life is spent on bicycles. Ladies and gentlemen, the Amsterdam guide of We Are Not At Home is starting! 😀 There are different cards that will make your transportation and museum entrances more affordable in Amsterdam. Depending on how many days you go or the places you want to visit, it would be logical to choose the card that suits you and use it. I Amsterdam City Card I Amsterdam is an al